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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Coors Light/ Brewers Racing Sausages Cake

This week I did a cake for my friend Emily's boyfriend Bob. My original guidelines were something with either Coors Light or the Brewers (Milwaukee Brewers that is). I love the Klement's Racing Sausages, so I decided to do the Coors Light mountains logo with the racing sausages on top. If you don't know, the racing sausages are giant sausages that race during Brewer games

I started with two 3" tall cakes, one 8" and one 10" layer. I filled these with lemon pie filling.
When I split and fill layers, I use a dab of frosting to mark the layers to make putting them back together easy. I used to try and cut a notch or line, but that usually ends up too hard to see.
The Wilton cake mover is perfect for working with cake layers this size!

After I filled and stacked the layers, I popped the cake into the freezer for about 45 minutes to make it easier to carve. I used a serrated bread knife to make a mountainous shape:

Then I covered the whole thing in white chocolate ganache. First I nuked some of the ganache till it was quite runny, and used it as a thin crumb coat, then followed with a thicker layer of thicker ganache on top after the first layer set-up.

I then covered the cake in fondant. It seemed to be missing something, so I used some extra fondant to make mountain peak shapes along the edges of the cake board:

I rolled out some more fondant, leaving a hole the size of the bottom of the cake, and slid it over the top:

I used silver luster dust mixed with Everclear to paint the mountains, and added some moonstone luster dust areas for depth. I used melted white candy melts for snowy mountain tops

Now time for the sausages! I used modeling chocolate for the figures (love that stuff!) I had a lot of left-over red from the Lady Gaga cake, so I used the red to make a center base for all the sausages and added the other colors on top of that.

Here I'm getting ready to apply the outfit to the body of one of the figures:

And after:
For the striped shirt I just rolled thin sheets of red and blue modeling chocolate, applied them to the red center, and smoothed together.
Sorry there aren't more in-process pics of making the sausages. When I get into the decorator zone (not to be confused with the danger zone Mr. Loggins) I forget to take pictures.

Here is the finished cake:

I was trying to imitate the Coors' Light logo font for the Happy Birthday part:

It was fun to do a cake again finally (after three weeks I was going through caking withdrawal:P) but man was I tired- kudos to all you cakers with full-time "real-world" jobs out there- it is hard work to find the time, and I don't have kids either, extra kudos to mom/dad cake makers:)

After I finished I really wanted to go to bed, but I had one more cake to do for the evening- semi, kinda, sorta dirty- but very silly and all in good fun, here are some pix with no other details or explanation

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