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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Gobble, Gobble

Wow, has it really been over 3 months since I posted? Still working crazy amounts of overtime; I haven't even made a cake since Easter weekend:( Here is the the making of my dad's birthday cake from April though. My dad is an avid hunter and fisherman, so I decided to make him a wild turkey birthday cake (the animal, not the whiskey that is).
This was also my first attempt at a PVC structure for a cake. Here's the "skeleton"
A clse-up of the outlet cover I found to use as part of the structure- it is much cheaper than the heavier circular flanges you usually see used

If you look at the legs, you can see I used one heavy flange and one outlet cover. The "cake board" for the body is 1/2" foam core, and the tail is cardboard.
I covered the neck and formed the head with Rice cereal treats; which was a lot more difficult than I had expected, it kept falling off. I just kept squeezing and compacting it till it stuck (Choke that turkey!)
I used melted colored chocolate left over from other projects to glue the cereal mixture to the underside, again much harder than I had expected.
I used the melted white (or in this case, green) chocolate applied with a pastry brush, to smooth the shape using many layers.
Add some chocolate cake:)

Adding some details in modeling chocolate (more left-overs)
I covered the cake with ganache.
More cereal treats for the base ( I didn't cover as nothing going on the base was going to be eaten).
More melted chocolate to smooth out the underbelly
Cover with fondant (What a p.i.t.a.).

I did learn turkey lingo in this project- the red bumps (modeling chocolate) are called caruncles,
and the part hanging over the beak is the snood- learn something new everyday.

Dad with cake
I decapitated the beast!


  1. Thanks:) Always gald to get confirmation that someone's reading these things:) And Jenny, if you wanna see unbelievable cakes just check out Debbie Does Cakes from the above comment, you seriously won't believe how great she is:)