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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Contest Winning Cake (on the 2nd try:)

      I'm pretty happy that one of my cakes won the Halloween cake contest on the Cakes We Bake website. There were a lot of really awesome cakes like Zombie Dog by Paul Joachim and the very creepy Spoils the Clown cake by Tami Chitwood. I won with my "Ghost" cake that I had actually done for the Threadcakes competition this summer and failed to place with any of my 13 (yes I went a little nuts) entries. I still have all the step-by step pictures from that cake, so since I'm in a great mood from the validation of winning something I decided to post about it. UPDATE: I found out today(11/15) that this cake also one 2nd place in the Cake Central Halloween cake Contest!!!
This is the kick-ass t-shirt I based my cake on by Droopy, DRP, if it's still in stock you can buy it here (I did). I started off with a half sheet of chocolate cake flavored with a little bourbon. I had printed out a larger version of the t-shirt, and made a rough waxed paper template and cut out the basic shape
I then cut out other elements out of the original template and used them as templates for the elements I wanted to stand out

In this photo you can see I've started to build-up the face area as well. After the basics were carved and placed I mixed together cake and frosting to make a clay-ish texture (like cake-pops) that I used to form the hair and other fine elements that would be hard to carve
When I had most of the details I covered it with a chocolate syrup-based frosting.
Next up: covering the whole thing in  a layer of fondant:

After that was trimmed I started painting with gel colors thinned with vodka.
As I worked, I was adding in different elements and layers of fondant, in the next picture I had made the 2nd hand of fondant, as well as the teeth on the first wrist
I just kept adding layers and painting as I went

At this point I thought that the board needed to be black- I was hoping I could just paint it, but the surface was too slick. I took all my scraps of colored fondant and gumpaste and mixed them together- ending with a purple shade. I laid it around the cake and painted it w/ black airbrush food color.
And the finished product:

This one was a lot of fun to do. Painting on fondant is probably my favorite technique. Hope you enjoyed seeing it come together.


  1. Julie, that is AMAZING!!! You are soooooooo talented!! Keri from MI

  2. Thank you, you are sooooo awesome for saying that and commenting!

  3. That is crazy ridiculous amazing!

  4. Thats Incredable Julie, You are Definatly Great At Cake Decorating, I only hope i get as good as you some day , i am a beginner, you can see my cakes i have done here
    we also voted on your cake at cakes we bake, Just Awesome Job , COngradulations

  5. It was very cool to see the process! Some techniques I never would have though of. I love it :)

  6. Love it! A true artist at work. Thanks for sharing this!

  7. How did your cake last? I'm guessing that you weren't putting it in a fridge? I want to try fondant over a cake with some cake-pops ish sculpting but it's really hot and humid here and I'm scared my cake-pops clay will melt under my fondant.

  8. Thanks so much for sharing your how-to of this impressive cake. I used the cake-crumb clay idea and it worked beautifully!

  9. Sorry, didn't see comments till now- glad to hear your cake went well:) With fondant on a cake should be good for 2-3days- I never refridgerate, although humidity does wreak havoc on fondant:(

  10. I seen your link on cakes we bake. This cake is so impressive, i had to follow link here because i could not believe this was an actual cake.. GREAT JOB!!!