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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Name Is Julie and I Have A Problem

I have a serious cookbook addiction. I have not counted lately, but when I moved to a new city three years ago I counted over 200 (and that was after I weeded out 2 boxes worth to give to friends or Goodwill- and that was hard to do). Just for fun; I'll do an embarrassing scavenger hunt right now w/ the camera and find out all the places I have them scattered about the house (don't mind the mess cause I'm not cleaning)
Some are just for fun, ala Elvis and the Chippendales here. The dog is actually a Jim Beam decanter from the 70's in the shape of a Great Dane, it is where I put Thunder's ashes- that's his i.d. tag on it's neck. And I just really like the pictures used on the religious candles- I am still an atheist. That was the top of the full-size bookcase in my living room; here's the rest of it:
Here are a few hanging out on the ledge behind the couch:

And on the bed-side table:

A few more hiding on a bookshelf in the back room:

The Betty Crocker on the bottom is what started the whole thing. My mom gave it to me for my first apartment. Half of the pages are falling out. O.k., moving on. Here are some more crammed into the shelf-unit thing under the microwave:
And the current year's Cooking Light issues on the dryer (the washer and dryer are in the kitchen):

Another pile o' books on the card table I do most of my "caking" on. Due to the size of my kitchen all of my decorating is done either on the card table or the top of the washing machine:)

And finally the bookcase in the kitchen; half spices and half books:

Let's get a closer look, shall we?:
Note the sagging shelf:) I had to replace this bookshelf last year because of sagging.

As part of this blog I'd like to pick a new book every week or two and write about my favorites and do a recipe from the book; everything from cakes to Thai food to dog treats:) Maybe I can encourage others to start their own addiction.

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  1. Julie, there are worse things to be addicted to! Actually, I am a bug Elvis fan and I made the pound cake his cook used to make him and DAMN was that good! Lots o' sugar however! And I am not a fan of pound cake but it was soooo good! Your cake friend Keri in MI