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Monday, November 22, 2010

Rock Rock Rock Rock, Rock N Roll Birthday (or The KKK Took My Cupcake Away)

I have been looking forward to making this cake for awhile now. It was just my friend Joe's birthday last weekend; and he (and me too) Loves the Ramones:) As a matter of fact, a few years ago I made him this birthday cake:
This time I wanted to practice my modeling chocolate figures. While Google image searching I found these awesome figurines someone makes that I used as a guide. Click here to go to her Etsy store

First things first; board and ribbon. I was hoping to find something "punk rock", but had to settle for just black with white stitching; attached with double-sided duct tape
My original idea was to make the Ramones leaning against a building, like these album covers
Apparently they really, really liked standing by brick walls- go figure.
So I marbled some fondant a nice grey cement color and covered my board (I brushed a little corn syrup on it first). I think the corn syrup was  a bad idea and contributed to lots of air bubbles that didn't want to flatten out, even after being pricked with a pin

For the cake I made a pumpkin flavor with a Swiss Meringue Buttercream flavored with this goodness:
I had made an 8" cake which I halved and stacked to make my building. I put a little piece of double-sided duct tape under the board to attach to my turntable, as I knew this shape would be a real pain to frost
For my brick walls I used a red modeling chocolate, and cut a cardboard template for the size I needed
For texture I used this impression mat from Duff Goldman- It worked really well

To give it  a dirty, aged look I dusted it with cocoa powder
I moved the brick wall part to the cake using my cardboard so it wouldn't stretch out in transit
For the roof I used a trick I learned on Cake Boss- I wet the roof and sprinkled with poppy seeds and pressed them into the modeling chocolate

The constructed building- with modeling chocolate accents

At this point I tried to print out my reference pics, but the ink was bone dry so I had to move operations to my computer desk:(

Making the various Ramones

The dogs were bored and snoozing on the couch in the background

After the figures were done it was time to write Happy Birthday. I wanted it to look like spray paint- so first I painted it normally (using Americolor Super-White gel), then tapped the ends with one of those crappy craft brushes with the hard plastic bristles

The finished product; Hey Ho, Let's Go!

Ramones fans will note the 53rd and 3rd street sign

Of course when I was drifting off to sleep that night I thought of the perfect finishing touch- pigeons. So the next day I got out my modeling chocolate once again. First I pinched a blob into a pigeon-ish shape

Used my heart cutter for wings

And a teeny piece of orange for the beak

And voila! Pigeons

And completed cake, part duex

Here's me, Joe, and the cake

And here is the birthday boy with his mom, who has the same birthday (I always thought that was neat) and the cake I made her- which will have to wait for another post